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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dell Coupons

It looks like Dell decided to create coupons. You can click here to view current offers. The coupons should be updated monthly.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to create coupons and add them to your website

There is an easy to use application called Coupontank, that allows the non-designer or non-developer to quickly and easily create coupons for their website. I have used Coupontank for some of my own personal projects and I wanted to share some step-by-step instructions on how to use the application.

1. Sign up with
The account is free, although if you want to create more than one coupon, you need a paid account, which is almost free at $9.95. The free account is great for figuring out how to use the application.

2. On your Coupontank dashboard, click "create coupon"

3. Name your coupon and start adding your logo, titles, sub-text, promo codes and any other info that you may want to display to your customers. Here are a couple of screens of the app:

4. Save your coupon, it should look something like this (but with your own content). The coupon looks pretty good right now, so I saved it to my dashboard, I can always go back and edit the coupon at any time:

5. Go back to your Coupontank dashboard and create a Site Link. What this does is creates an automatic web page for you that displays the coupons you choose. You can then just easily link your site to this page, and continuously update your coupons as needed. Pretty cool!

Once you click "Create a Site Link" on your dashboard, you will see a page like the following. All that is required is that you name your Site Link, select that highlight colors, and choose your coupons.

6. Once you save your Site Link, Coupontank creates a web page for you that looks like this:

You can have as many coupons as you like in a Site Link. Once a user clicks a coupon preview, they are taken to the printable coupon that you created.

Overall, this application is super easy to use. I found a few more great features of this application that you most likely will find useful as you start creating coupons.

- Coupontank let's you email your coupons to a recipient list that you can manage within the application. They even have a form for you to add to your site so that users can automatically opt-in to your recipient list and receive coupon deals via email.

- If you have a premium membership, you can use viral distribution and blast your coupon to Google, Facebook, Twitter, the Coupontank consumer coupon pages.

If you have any other questions about Coupontank that I can answer, let me know!